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Don’t have an Android phone? Or maybe you are looking for some reliable options to run Android applications on your computer? You have come to the right place where we have reviewed the best and most reliable Android drivers and emulators with which you can easily run any Android apps and games on your computer.

However, since I had to try more than a dozen programs, this trial and error process consumed most of my time.

This is exactly when I decided to create an in-depth review article to share my personal experience with all the Android drivers I have tried, which will save your valuable time and help you make a better decision regarding which program to use to run Android apps on the computer.

4 best programs to emulate and run Android applications and games on your computer

Before we move on to the review for the best Android emulation and playback software on a computer, have you ever wondered why people search for a way to run Android applications on a computer? .

Because the Android operating system has become so popular that people who use Windows or Mac on their computers seem to be interested in installing Android on their systems so that they can experience the easy-to-use user interface that Android offers.

Apart from that, the vast majority of users are interested in playing all those popular games and applications on their computers, which are already available for Android only.

To be able to run these Android applications, you do not need a smartphone or tablet running Android. All you really need is a computer with hardware specifications capable of handling the following Android emulation

Download the BlueStacks App Player

BlueStacks App Player is completely free and compatible with any computer running Microsoft Windows (supported versions include Windows XP SP3, Vista SP2, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10) or Mac OS X Mavericks 10.8 or higher operating systems.

You can download the full-featured version of this program for free from the official BlueStacks website from here.

Android applications on the computer Windows XP

.Smart Gaga is an Android emulator and is responsible for running applications and games on a computer running Windows and playing Battle Royal games better, which is fast and has few operating requirements compared to BlueStack.

The Smart Gaga emulator has launched a short time ago and is considered the best for playing mobile strategy games on the computer after downloading the APK file or through the store directly.

Through this article, we will show you the program responsible for solving this problem, which has been searched for by many users of computers and mobile device

Running Android apps: You can try different Android APK apps, which is an important feature for those who provide YouTube lessons for phones, and they can rely on the computer and its capabilities.

With this, we reached the end of the article on the apk website, in which I talked about the best program to play Android games on the computer 2020, play big games with an explanation of how to install Smart Gaga and explain the smoothness of the Call of Duty Mobile game and play it on Windows, we hope you like sharing


In conclusion, I can say that after installing all of these emulators and trying each one separately, GenyMotion and Nox App Player are the best of all. However, GenyMotion does not support Google Play services, which may be why many dislike this program. But on the other hand, Nox App Player was the best performer, at great speeds, and didn’t even stop for a second